Story Intro


Our story starts in the City of Dias, grandest of the Seven Cities of Galonde along the western-most coast of the Sea of Thieves. The “seven cities” were once individual coastal towns that have since grown together to create one of the most vibrant trade hubs in all of Othlond. Dias serves Othlond as the meeting place of the Council of Elders, the governing body that represents the people with a dignitary from each major town or city.

Within the last hundred years, small bouts with less desirable creatures had become more frequent, now to the point where trade caravans would no longer travel some of the roads. Smaller towns and farms have been overrun or burned to the ground, and citizens started to hire adventurers as escorts for travel or to protect their homes and businesses.

We being in the market district where the majority of the township is gathered for a lively festival. Dias is celebrating the longest period of peace since history was spoken from generation to generation. For more than 800 years the citizens of Othlond have enjoyed a peaceful cooperation of all the races, opening trade and relations that had never before existed.

Story Intro

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